New to Notts: Q&A with Green Haus Plant Shop

I always love finding something new in Nottingham and as I have got older, gardening has become a much-loved hobby of mine. So when my boyfriend told me he’d seen a post on Instagram about a pop-up houseplant shop in one of my favourite Saturday breakfast spots, I made plans to attend.

I was amazed at just how unusual and beautiful the plants on offer from Green Haus Plant Shop were (I’d have never thought of getting them before because I didn’t really know they existed) and Hannah (the owner) was lovely and gave me some good advice on keeping my newly acquired plants going (no casualties as of yet).

My purchase from Green Haus Plant Shop
My Fiddle Leaf Fig from Green Haus Plant Shop

I just had to share this newly discovered treasure with the rest of you; so contacted Hannah to put together a Q&A blog about here fledgling business. Here you go …


We first met at your debut pop-up shop at Small Food Bakery and there wasn’t much left when we got there so we’re assuming it was a big success! Tell us how it came about and how it went.

The pop up at Small Food Bakery was fantastic!

I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a long time now, I always try and attend the events they put on – there is something really special about the team and their message, it’s definitely my favourite independent, and not just in Nottingham! So when they said I could pop up in their bakery, I was over the moon.

Green haus at Small Food Bakery

Promotion was only through Instagram and worked well – people came from as far as Birmingham and Hull just for the pop-up, which is amazing!

I sold out of some of the quirky plants in a couple of hours and completely sold out by the end of the day – overwhelming!

What was it that first got you into cultivating plants and why did you decide to go for indoor plants?

I’ve become a plant hoarder over the last 5 years, starting off with cactus, succulents and now anything with a leaf grabs my attention! My house is pretty full, although I can always find space for more.

Green Haus Nottingham
Hannah’s own Green Haus

I realised that there isn’t a huge selection of house plants available to buy in Nottingham or even further afield –most garden centres only have one table dedicated to indoor plants. I decided that I should share my love for houseplants and fill the homes of Nottingham with plants as well!

Plants really are a passion for me so the care and upkeep is really enjoyable – plus it’s really nice to see these plants go to new homes – I use the hashtag #MyGreenHaus on Instagram. I love seeing how others live with the plants I’ve looked after.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas for new plants to introduce to your collection?

Instagram really represents house plants for me – Haarkon and HousePlantClub are great accounts to follow and you can never miss a #MonsteraMonday. A couple of shops in London have really captured the plant scene – Conservatory Archives being a must stop whenever I’m in there, as well as Columbia Road flower market.

Conservatory Archives London
Conservatory Archives London

I’m always on the hunt for something unusual and quirky but Monstera Delicosa (Cheese Plant to most) will always be my favourite and the basis of my logo. Just this weekend I managed to squeeze two rare 5ft Variegated Monstera in my tiny car!

The UK has so many hidden Botanical Gardens, even Nottingham has a small one in Woodthorpe, which is a gem. Luckily my partner is always willing to visit cool plant shops and gardens when we travel.

The Tropical House Woodthorpe Nottingham
The Tropical House Woodthorpe Grange Park, Nottingham

Nottingham’s independent business scene really seems to be taking off at the moment, what is it about Notts that makes the idea of setting up on your own so popular?

I think Nottingham’s independent scene is fantastic and I really believe the local community can make the best out of a city if they put something into it. The reaction to Green Haus Plant Shop has been amazing and I still have some plant orders to fulfill!

Some of my favourite Nottingham independents include Small Food Bakery, who have been really supportive, Outpost Coffee, Kiosk, Black Iris and Homeboys (but there are so many more!) The Nottingham community seems to really embrace independents which I love about the city, its one of the things that keeps me here.

I know it’s still early days, but just from your first experience have you got any tips for other people who may be thinking about setting up a small business?

I’ve still got so much to learn myself, but I would say don’t be scared to approach like- minded people. It’s been so nice talking to other independents in Nottingham and coming up with ideas on how both sides can benefit, have fun and offer Nottingham something to be proud of.


The hardest part for me is not disappointing people. I’m not very good at saying no – so if someone wants a particular plant, I’ll try my hardest to find it for them!

Where’s the next pop up and what can we expect to see?

I have a couple of events in July; joining Outpost at the Birmingham Coffee Festival and giving their coffee spot in Nottingham a plant uplift. Then on the 22 & 23 July I’ll be joining Rough Trade for my second pop up – by taking over their downstairs lobby for the weekend. I’ll have more space for some bigger, weirder and hanging plants! I’m hoping for a true urban jungle in the middle of Hockley!

Green Haus Plant Shop’s Top 5 Indoor Plants

Number 1: Variegated Monstera Delicosia

Variegated Monstera Delicosia

I’ve been after this plant for over a year now – it’s always popping up on my Instagram feed! I managed to track two down, so I’m keeping one for myself and will have one of these rare beauties for sale at Rough Trade.

They like bright, indirect light and water around once a week – they key for this plant is that they like humidity; so I try to give them a spritz a couple of times a week!

Number 2: Monstera Oblique

Monstera Obilque Green Haus Plant Shop

Part of the same Cheese Plant family, these are really good hanging, trailing plants which need similar care to the Monstera Delicosia.

Number 3: Pilea


Chinese Money Plant as it’s also known – these are super cute! They took a while to become available in the UK and were only recognized by RHS in the 80s.

Once I did get my hands on one, I killed it after a couple of months – but I persevered and found that they don’t like too much bright light and you should only water it once a week. After a while it’ll start shooting babies which can be pulled away and grown separately.

Number 4: Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus

These are crazy looking plants – so eye-catching! I was given a huge one as a present and its one of my pride and joys; really hardy and easy to care for. If you’re lucky you’ll catch them flower, beautiful big blooms that only lasts for 24 hours!

Number 5: String of Hearts

String of Hearts

You wouldn’t think this is a succulent – beautiful heart shaped leaves that look great in hanging planters. Easy to care for, bright light and water every fortnight – they don’t like to be soggy!

Don’t miss Green Haus Plant Shop’s next pop-up: 

22 -23 July

Rough Trade 

Broad Street Nottingham