What’s on in Notts : Lane Sample Sale

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram this week then you probably already know that it’s Lane’s Sample Sale this weekend! Even better than the fact that you’re going to be able to pick up some bargains at (in my opinion) one of the best indies in Notts they’re not popping up anywhere, it’s being held in their lovely studio in Primary!

If you’ve not been to Primary before then I’m sorry but you are definitely missing out and if you haven’t heard of Lane where have you been? Get following them right now because some of the nicest homeware (designed and made in England) is right on your doorstep! Loads of their stuff is made right here in Nottingham and if you live in the city you get 20% their products (non sale only)!

Primary is a former primary school in Radford that has been converted into studios and spaces where artists and independent makers can develop and share their work with the public. There’s always great events happening there and it houses some brilliant businesses including a beautiful nursery (the plant kind before you start dropping your kids off) in the old school playground.

Really, I think what I like most about Primary is that it is a proper old fashioned school building, the type that was built at the turn of the last century and you see so many of in Notts. So, if like me you went to one of these types of primary schools, then seeing the windows in the studios that are just like the ones you used to grown beans in plastic bottles on in ‘science’ lessons and food markets in a room where you would have morning assemblies just makes the whole experience even cosier and friendlier.

Lane is based in one of the first studios in Primary which is an exact replica of my year four classroom, just the desks have been replaced with their printing equipment and around the room is a multitude of brightly coloured, beautifully designed lampshades and screen prints which are a far cry from the art we had on the walls back then.

Lane x London Cloth Throw
Lane will also be showing their new Lane x London Cloth collection for the first time.

Not only are you going to be able to pick up samples, Lane will also be showing their new Lane x London Cloth collection for the first time and the summer sale items that are live on their website will also be available!

If like me you’re a bit iffy at interior design both of Lane’s designers will be on hand to give advice. Trust me they’re really nice because they spent about half an hour helping us choose a lampshade, naturally we had the one they told us would work best in the first minute of this conversation but we had to have a look at them all!

I emailed Lane earlier this week to see if they would let me know what would be in the sample sale and I promise you aren’t going to be disappointed. I’m not sure of the pricing but here’s a look at some of the samples you’re going to be able to get your hands on if you’re quick. See you all there x

Samples of the Twin Tone Lampshades

Lane x Little Green Lampshade
My boyfriend’s parents have one of these in their dining room and it looks great.

Samples of Screen Prints

Lane Twin Tone Screen Prints
These are hand pulled and there are loads of designs and colours available.

Made in England Notes Books

Lane Made in England Notebook
You can’t get these online anymore, so it might be your last chance to get your hands on one.

Samples of New Twin Tone Notebooks

Lane Twin Tone Notebook
My boyfriend has one of these for writing all his recipes down. They’re so new they haven’t made it onto the website yet.

Samples of Brick Tea Light Holders

Lane Brick Candle Holder
I’m after one of these so bagsy me one if you get down there early!

Lane Sample Sale
Friday 7 July 12 – 7pm
Saturday 8 July 10am – 6pm
Primary, Seely Road, NG7 1NU

The entrance is pretty easy to miss, so just keep your eye out for the big red door at the bottom of Seely Road (Ilkeston Road end) there’s usually a sign outside. Small Food Bakery will be doing breakfast, brunch and lunch so don’t have breakfast first!