Nottingham’s Hidden Gems: White Rabbit Teahouse

Hidden gems… I literally hate it when articles label anything as a hidden gem when it really isn’t. I read so many articles on social media nowadays that claim to list the ‘5 best hidden gems in Nottingham’ and then go on to list a load of places that sure ain’t hidden.

Like if it’s in the middle of Old Market Square chances are quite a few people will know about it.

What I’m trying to do in this series of posts is actually detail where some of the tricky to find but well worth the visit places are in Notts for those who may not be regular visitors to the city/county. Think of it like I’ll do the awkwardly walking into the wrong door trying to find the Hockley Arts Club so you don’t have to, kind of thing.

So, if you’re rolling your eyes at me calling something a hidden gem that you don’t think is, I feel you and I’m sorry, but places that you have to walk down some hidden alley or through a secret door to find in Nottingham just isn’t that catchy a title.

White Rabbit Teahouse

I’m going to kick off the series with my favourite tea shop in Nottingham ‘White Rabbit Teahouse’. Serving proper nice home cooked food and cakes in a really tastefully done vintage setting, it’s got to be the place to stop for a cuppa if you’re out and about in town! But just like it’s namesake it takes a bit of finding!


 White Rabbit Teahouse Location

There used to be two White Rabbit Teahouses, however, the Hounds Gate (and easier to find) one closed.

The remaining teahouse is situated off Bridlesmith Gate, one of the best shopping streets in Notts. It can be busy along there, meaning it can be difficult to spot the entrance to Bridlesmith Walk where the White Rabbit Teahouse is located through all the shoppers and the building work taking place on the walk at the moment doesn’t help.


The entrance is next to L’Occtaine and opposite Urban Decay and they do put their A-board at the end of the walk so you know you’ve got the right place.

Here it is on Google Maps, although most of the shops around it have since changed.

Why it’s Worth a Visit

The setting is really pretty so if you’re after a traditional themed real ‘afternoon tea style experience’ then it’s the place to go. Also, if you’ve got parents/friends on a visit it’s a great way of showing off some of the fab independent businesses in Nottingham and for the price tag of just £15 for the afternoon tea, you’re not going to be worse off than having lunch in one of the chains.

There isn’t much in our house that can’t be sorted out with ‘a nice cup of tea’ and White Rabbit do this really well. They’ve got a range of fancy different blends, but if like us you just want plain old English Breakfast Tea they get it spot on. It’s also served in pretty vintage tea-sets which I reckon make it taste better, even if it is a bit trickier to hold the handle of your cup.


The food is homemade and you can tell. It tastes rich and fresh like the stuff I would have at home if dad or Tom (dad did the cooking at my parents and Tom does it now) had spent the afternoon cooking up something lovely.

I had the quiche of the day (I am not ashamed to admit that the not so fashionable quiche is my fave dish!) and as you can see you get a decent sized portion. It was AMAZING!


The cakes are also really good, they taste like they’ve just been put out and there are some really different flavours like lemon and elderflower and look at the slice you get! You definitely won’t leave wanting!


In all it was a really nice afternoon with a reasonable price tag. Go check it out x

Think of any other ‘hidden gems’ I should be shouting about? Get in touch.