Forget a Theme for the Christmas Tree

I’ve always hated putting the Christmas tree up, I don’t know why, I’m a grinch. I don’t mind it once it’s there but actually going through the rigmarole of getting it and decorating it isn’t for me. But… since buying a house and having to take the lead on decorating, unless I want the season to pass unmarked, I’ve adopted a technique that has made it all a bit more enjoyable.

There’s no theme, no colour scheme it’s basically a Christmas free for all. We get things we like and they all go on the tree wherever, no plan, no logic and no pressure to look good. I call it tacky Christmas and it’s my favourite.

Really I think it’s because it reminds me of the tree when I was little, it would be full of ornaments I’d made at school from quality street wrappers and play-doh and tinsel in literally every colour. I always love noseying at other people’s beautiful decorations on Instagram but could never achieve them myself, so if you’re feeling the pressure here’s a look at our mismatched tree to make you feel better.


First off, I am totally in love with our tree lights. I have had white ones for years but have been wanting the proper 90’s one with flower petals on them. Last year Tom’s grandma gave us a set of hers, which has totally changed the whole look of the tree. What’s funny is the fact that the box has got a £1.99 price tag and these sets are now fetching up to £70 on ebay, it just shows it’s worth keeping hold of your old stuff!

Fluffy Owl
Tree topper from Chatsworth Christmas Market
Silver pine cones from the Chatsworth Estate

I’ve picked up a few bits from the Chatsworth Estate when visiting their Christmas market but my favourite has got to be our alternative angel, a fluffy white owl. I got it because it reminded me of Zedd (our cat) and he’s the ultimate Christmas cutey.

Zedd mesmerized by the Christmas lights. Little does he know they’re worth a fortune on Ebay.
Nothing says Christmas quite like a reindeer cutout and a twig.

I occasionally babysit three of my mum’s friend’s children and last Christmas during one of my visits we made these cute decorations from the kits available at Sostrene Greene. A lot of them didn’t survive the 11 months in the attic but I have seen the kits in there again this year.

Sostrene Greene do it yourself decoration.
Mr Christmas

My favourite bauble is this gigantic handmade ceramic beauty. Tom bought it me as a gift from a trip he made along the Amalfi Coast last year. It’s so massive it has to go right at the top of the tree because the branches can’t handle it.

Handmade bauble from Italy
Knitted Christmas pud, the newest addition and Tom’s favourite.
Lace bauble from the Nottingham Christmas Market

Let me know if you’ve got any weird Christmas decorations or if you make Christmas decorations in Notts by commenting below x