Our Homemade Christmas

When I think back to Christmas in my childhood, I always remember the experiences – big family dinners, the way the house smelt like ‘proper coffee’ and cheese boards that lasted well into the New Year. What I don’t remember so much is the presents…

Every time I went on Facebook in the run up to Christmas I couldn’t help noticing that a lot of people were talking about the weeks before the big day with a bit of a negative slant, words like stress, rushing and money seemed a bit too prevalent. Maybe it was just me but it seemed a bit of a shame to wrap Winter up in a load of stress, it’s always been my favourite time of year and I was determined to keep it as relaxing as possible.

This year we decided that we were going to cut the ‘stress’ out and make Christmas more about the experiences in the run up to and on the big day. Tom and I decided that we were going to have a ‘handmade Christmas’, making most of our gifts and decorations and buying local what we couldn’t make.

Homemade Christmas Hamper

I have to say the triumphs and disasters of making our own gifts has been a proper laugh and a good bonding experience during the busy December weeks. We’ve also ended up making some really cool stuff, discovered new hobbies and thanks to my sister also getting involved, I got one of my favourite Christmas presents ever!

Obviously, we couldn’t share our creations prior to the big day because my family follow my blog (hi guys!) so here’s a look at what we’ve been up to.

We gave out four hampers, each contained:

Salted Caramel Bon Bons

Homemade Salted Caramel Bon Bons
No surprises, Tom’s amazing at making chocolates.

Pistachio and Fennel Biscotti

Biscote and Tea
Tom made these as well but really I did the hard work shelling 100 pistachios!

 Macrame Plant Hanger or Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging
Macrame, my new favourite hobby

Cement Candle Holder

Cement Candle Holder

White Chocolate Fudge


My sister’s gift to me

As proud as we were of everything that we made, it just didn’t compare to the amazing gift my sister made us!


Other items included in our hampers

Homemade Plum Jam

Homemade Red Onion Marmalade

Cement Plant Pot

Universal Works socks

Black Iris Beer

Did you get crafty this Christmas? Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below x

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  1. I didn’t really get that creative however I did make some cookies in the run up to Christmas which I promised my sister in law for when she came out of hospital. They came out ok. However you have inspired me for next year so thank you.


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