Lunch at Kushi-ya

Margot’s first proper outing was to visit her daddy’s new restaurant Kushi-ya. Here’s what we thought…

I got cabin fever really quickly once we came home from the hospital. Having worked full time up until Margot was born, being in the house for days on end was really hard (even though I was constantly kept busy) and I wanted to get out before it became a ‘thing’. For our first trip out of the house, when Margot was nine days old, we decided to pay her dad a visit at his new restaurant Kushi-ya. My mum came with us because I still wasn’t that good at nappy changes and understanding what her different cries meant at that point and had never breastfed in public so needed the moral support.

If you haven’t visited before, Kushi-ya is located in the site of the former Alley Café in Cannon Court. It’s slightly off the beaten track so best to check out the map on their website before you set off.

We went for lunch which is served between 12 – 2.30pm (Tue – Sat). You can order off the main menu which comprises a range of Japanese inspired snacks, small plates, skewers and desserts. They also do a lunch time offer which is what we went for. The offer consists of a snack, four skewers and rice which is served up on a cool tray (I was really impressed with the presentation) and costs £10 (extras can be added at an additional cost).

Kushi-ya lunch time offer
Kushi-ya lunch time offer

I had the nori and sesame crisps as my snack and the beef and black garlic mustard and tsukune, tare and egg yolk skewers. Although I still can’t pronounce it so just have to point on the menu, the tsukune is like a seriously yummy chicken meatball and I have it every time we go (which Tom tells me is weird). The accompanying tare and egg yolk sauce is my favourite thing, insider tip – chuck the remainder into your rice once you’ve finished dipping the tsukune, it’s the best. While I was pregnant I had a hard time eating red meat so have previously had the tofu skewers at one of the Kushi-ya supper clubs and can vouch that they are also super tasty. All of the meat at Kushi-ya is free range and locally sourced but there are also a number of vegetarian options on the deal and even more on the main menu and for those who like a bit of seafood there are prawn schumai and squid skewers also included in the offer.

Every day new specials are added to the board and if you follow the Kushi-ya Instagram you’ve probably seen some of them in development. It’s also a good place to get a sneak peek of what that night’s specials are if you’re visiting. My mum went to the opening night of Kushi-ya, I couldn’t attend because I had a 5 day old baby but she was raving about the pork belly so when we saw that was on the special we ordered a plate of that between us too. I’m not normally a fan of pork belly but OMG this was amazing and sells out pretty quickly whenever it’s on. I think we should start lobbying them to get it added to the main menu.

Kushi-ya pork belly

They have a comprehensive drinks list featuring a range of sakes and Japanese whiskeys, which I know Tom and Simon handpicked – I’m sure it was tedious work going to all those tastings. There’s also Asahi Japanese beer on draft and a range of craft ales and organic wine so if you’re going for an evening out or just fancy a tipple with your lunch you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There’s also a small range of soft drinks, if like me you’re off the alcohol, including fresh juices made daily in the kitchen. I always go for the Lemony Lemonade but there’s a nice ginger ale and cola available as well. The soft drinks are from the Karma Cola company which help to support the communities in Sierra Leon who grow the cola nuts that make their drinks which is nice.

For dessert I had the fried waffle and mum had their signature tira’miso’ a Japanese twist on the Italian classic. They were the perfect finale to what was a great lunch and although I’m biased it was a great trip out and the babs was pretty settled for the duration so it was a double win.

Kushi-ya Kinako fried waffle
Kinako fried waffle

Next time you’re looking for somewhere for lunch with friends, a business lunch or special occasion check it out x


1a Cannon Court



Open Tuesday – Saturday

Lunch 12 – 2.30pm

Dinner 6.30 – 10pm