Cocktails at Lost City Adventure Golf

So after all the promises of doing a better job updating the blog, parenthood got in the way. I’m pretty sure that those of you with kids already were secretly laughing at my naïve optimism. Like sure I’ll do it; when she’s asleep, which is like… oh yeah never, unless, of course, there’s an appointment to keep or I’ve paid for some expensive baby group somewhere.

So when an invitation to attend the launch of Lost City Adventure Golf’s new cocktail menu, in their Tiki bar with some live music, landed in my inbox, I decided that for the first time in 7 months I was going to leave my little sleep thief for an hour and go and have some ‘me’ time. Didn’t matter that I can’t drink or play golf or fit into any of my pre baby clothes, I deserved this.

I thought I probably should fess up that as I’m still breastfeeding, I can’t drink,  in case my invite was politely withdrawn. Luckily I found out that along with the cocktails, there was actually a pretty comprehensive mocktail menu and some delicious sounding ice cream shakes also on offer. 

One of my best ‘mum’ friends agreed to come along for moral support and to try out the alcoholic cocktails, so I started to get really excited, this was like a proper night out, and by night out I mean I had every intention of being home by 8pm to get Margot to bed.

I have to admit I’d never been to Lost City Adventure Golf before and to be honest wasn’t really sure whether it was going to be a bit like sitting around at softplay. I couldn’t have been more wrong, the decoration in there is amazing, like properly really good! There are thunderstorms on the big screens and wicked lighting and props everywhere and it definitely had a grown up feel in the evening. I had no idea all of this was hiding at the bottom of The Cornerhouse.

I feel legitimately a bit sad that we never went there when we were dating as there’s something fun to do and somewhere to have a nice drink after. However, I now was like, ok I can’t wait to bring Margot here it’s going to be like Baby Sensory on steroids and older kids would surely just go nuts for it. I would’ve deffo given up my teenage mutant ninja turtle chair and table set for a party there as a kid. I’ve definitely found somewhere that’s going to be a regular school holiday visit in the years to come.

The Tiki Bar where the event was held was really cool, with all the deco you would expect for a rainforest theme and was really well done. I’ve been to actual lost cities in Mexico and I tell you now I wish they’d had such instagrammable 70’s style wicker chairs. The area was just the right size for a family get together or a meet up with friends and not so big that you’d need to have loads of people to make it seem busy. The cute little cocktail menus were also a really nice touch, (not sure if they were specially done for the event) showing off the new selections and we didn’t waste much time getting our first order in.

I started with the Twisted Mojito, a fruitier version of the classic not so twisted mojito sans the rum.  I haven’t drunk for over two years so I consider myself a bit of a Mocktail connoisseur now and this was really nice, you got a decent amount too so it wasn’t gone in 5 seconds flat as can often happen with the fancy juices because of all the ice. My friend went for ‘The Ravenwood’ which was a fruity wine and Aperol mix with a side of prosecco. Now I’m not really a massive cocktail drinker, even in my pre baby life, but I thought it looked pretty impressive and my friend said it was delicious, I would definitely have ordered it on a girly night out or on that date I never got taken on.

After lots of chatter that only mums find interesting like ‘is it normal for the babies to make those weird sounds in their sleep?’,   ‘ is it teething or have I just got a really mardy one?’ and then the question on every parents mind, literally all the time, ‘when do they start sleeping through?’; we moved on to our second drink. This time I went for a Pineapple Parrot, which came in a nice fancy glass and again was lovely without being too sweet. You definitely can have a couple without feeling like you’ve overdone it.

Whilst I was there I couldn’t help myself but to check out the baby changing situation and I’m pleased to report that there is a proper changing table not a fold down awkward shaped one but a proper flat Ikea style one (you know the type I mean).  The biggest bonus was that the toilets were unisex with separate men and women’s cubicles, so Tom could easily change Margot and older kids can be taken by either parent without kicking up a fuss. 

Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay for the cocktail making class as Margot had refused to go to sleep and had bullied her grandparents into letting her watch telly while she was rocked, sung to and her favourite chewy bib was held in her mouth, like some kind of mini diva. However, seeing the quality of the drinks that were on offer I’m sure they would have been great fun and an ace activity for a girly night or office party.

We were however, lucky enough to be gifted a game of golf and I’m looking forward to returning with our partner’s and babas to try it out. The courses are wheelchair and buggy friendly. 

In all it was a good night with really great company and as much as I missed Margot it was definitely nice to have a little bit of time to myself. I felt refreshed afterwards and almost like a normal adult again walking through the city in the late evening to get home. To top it off, Margot slept through so I had time to update my blog!

Please note that drinks and a game of golf for two were gifted to me, however, I only write what I actually think on my blog.