Kushi-ya Yakitori Night

I’ve got to admit that before I met Tom I would have never visited a Japanese restaurant. The most Asian inspired dish to make it onto the roster of family cooked meals growing up was sweet and sour chicken and although I like vegetarian sushi that was literally the limit of my knowledge.

Fast forward to now and I know my sashimi from my tsukune and even dabble in cooking onigiri for the baby every now and then (her palate is definitely going to be a lot more discerning than mine). Japanese food is delish!

I think a lot of my hesitance to try new things was a fear that I might not like it and consequently waste my night and my money, and I don’t think I’m alone in that mentality. That’s why when Tom said that they were going to be holding a Yakitori night at Kushi-ya I knew I should write about it because its a perfect opportunity for people to try something new whilst still ‘playing it safe’.

chicken 1
Chicken wings, lemon,chilli

For those who don’t know what Yakitori is (which was me pre Tom) its basically chicken skewers. They use all different cuts of chicken which are served with an absolutely scrumptious dipping sauce called tare, expect wings, tsukune (chicken meatball), thighs and some more ‘adventurous’ cuts like rib but know that it’s all chicken. Not just any chicken either, all of their chicken is free range and locally sourced.

Chicken Tsukune
Chicken tsukune – a tasty chicken meatball with tare sauce

The Yakitori Night will feature a seven course set menu where you’ll be served a variety of complementary small dishes alongside the chicken skewers. These include a pickle plate, soup, rice and sashimi. Sashimi is really thin pieces of meat or fish that are eaten raw, normally with soy sauce.

Crispy chicken skin from the Kushi-ya Supper Club

Again, for us not so adventurous types that can sound a bit daunting but please let me put this into perspective for you. My mum who once complained that tomato soup is too spicy and whose favourite dinner is quiche, chips and beans picked raw tuna as her favourite dish when she came to the Kushi-ya supper club.

There will also be a dessert course to finish the evening and you can wash it all down with their hand picked sake, whiskeys, wines or soft drinks.

Don’t be a chicken – try something new x


Yakitori Night

Thursday 22 August

6:30 & 8:30pm


Please note that the pictures in this blog are representative of previous dishes that are similar to ones that will be served on the evening. However, all dishes have been developed specifically for the Yakitori Night so will be different from those shown above.