Game of Thrones Tour of Dubrovnik

So tonight’s the season finale of series 7 of Game of Thrones and I can’t wait! The excitement has really been amplified by the fact that I have just got back from Croatia where I spent a few days in Dubrovnik and got to see the places where some of the show’s most famous scenes were shot!

It’s not easy scoping them out, not just because it is red hot in Dubrovnik, which is only amplified by the cities beautiful use of limestone for EVERYTHING but also because there’s lots of CGI and set dressing going on in the scenes. If you aren’t 100% of what you are looking for some bits are easy to miss!

I’ve put this blog together so I have a nice record of some of the things I saw but also to help you out if you ever visit or if you’re not planning to, so that you can explore the scenes from the comfort of your sofa!


King’s Landing

Dubrovnik Kings Landing
The view of Dubrovnik ( King’s Landing from Fort Lovrijenac.

Dubrovnik is King’s Landing just minus The Great Sept of Baelor which is CGI’d in from Spain and the Red Keep which doesn’t exist. Lots of the cities in Croatia and Montenegro all have the same red-tiled roofs and limestone buildings but Dubrovnik’s city walls and key coastal position make it a brilliant match for the book’s King’s Landing.

Dubrovnik from the city walls
Dubrovnik from the city walls

The mountain roads from which you access the city provide brilliant vantage points from which to take in the city’s skyline, however, the City Walls and Fort Lovrijenac give the best ‘show style’ views in my opinion.

Red Keep

As I previously mentioned the Red Keep as a building doesn’t exist, however, some of the famous scenes that take place in the Red Keep are shot in Fort Lovrijenac which overlooks Dubrovnik. It’s the only Fort of the old Ragusan Republic that is not connected to the City Walls so make sure you wear sensible shoes for this one because it’s another climb. There are plenty of nice stops along the way though where you can admire the view and have a break.

The fort was the location for Joffery’s Name Day Tournament in Season 2 Episode 4.


It was also the location for the scene that generated lots of memes! POWER IS POWER!


The courtyard in the picture has served as the location for everything from riots to rescues. It would have been the location for the famous floor map of Westeros, but the well in the middle of the courtyard made it impossible.


It costs about £8 to get in but if you do the city walls on the same day and keep your receipt they will discount the cost from your ticket. It’s a shame that they don’t keep it a bit more clutter free knowing that tourists will want to visit.

Port of King’s Landing 

The little bay just a stone’s throw away from the City Walls is a key place for a lot of farewells in Game of Thrones, some more brutal than others. The scene for the killing of King Robert’s bastards (the houses are just canoe stores), where Sansa and Little Finger talk of escape plans and the one time when you actually felt a bit sorry for Cersei – when she has to wave off Princess Myrcella as she set off on her fateful journey to Dorne. In real life it’s full of boats, canoes and fishermen but it’s recognisable dock and rock formations leave no doubt that you are in King’s Landing.





House of the Undying

You’ve got to be fit to get to this one. Situated up on the city walls it’s a good climb to reach Fort Miceta or The House of the Undying as it is known to Game of Thrones Fans.

The House of the Undying is probably about 25% of the height it looks in the show and isn’t enclosed at all, there’s a massive opening at the front where you can climb to the very top for some magnificent views!



It costs about £20 to get access to the walls but is well worth it for the views across the city. I’ll talk more about that in a later blog post.

Red Keep Gardens

A short drive from the city (you can get the bus but I think it is a bit complicated) is Trsteno Arboretum. Apparently, it’s the world’s oldest arboretum but don’t fact check me on that. Either way it’s beautiful and because it’s out of the city, not many people make the journey so it’s great to get some peace and quiet. There’s a lot of beautiful things to see at the arboretum and I will write another blog covering them but for Game of Throne’s fans it’s the setting for the famous and beautiful scene in which Sansa first meets Lady Orlenna and decalres that ‘Joffery is a Monster’.



Lokrum Island

The beautiful island of Lokrum is a 15-minute boat trip from the city. It costs around £15 for a return journey which also grants access to the island’s facilities which include two museums, one of which is dedicated to Game of Thrones and holds an amazing replica of the Iron Throne which was given to the Island by the GOT production team!



If the island’s monastery looks familiar that’s because it’s used for many of the scenes that take place in the city of Qarth! The beautiful gardens, tropical setting and amazing buildings make it worth a visit on its own but there are loads of other non Game of Thrones attractions and a gorgeous restaurant on the island so well worth spending a day exploring.



Spice King’s Palace

The Rectors Palace is home to Dubrovnik Cultural museum so worth a visit anyway but inside is another location for the one of the palaces of Qarth. It’s not extremely busy in there so easy to get a nice picture or if you fancy recreating the scene where Daenerys asks the Spice King for ships you can without getting too many dodgy looks. It’s also weirdly linked to Nottingham because there are all of the scenes from the new Robin Hood film up on boards in there as Dubrovnik is the filming location for that too!


Walk of Shame

Here’s a secret – the walk of shame isn’t actually a walk at all. It’s been shot all over the city so if you think you’ll be able to retrace Cersei’s route then unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed!

However, the most famous part of the scene – when Cersei starts her walk from the top of the steps of The Great Sept of Baelor is very recognisable and easy to find. It’s just off the main street in Dubrovnik and luckily the street leading to it is full of restaurants not the angry mob you see in the show. Also the steps on which the angry residents of King’s Landing can be seen shouting at Cersei are also easy to spot just past the city’s old port.




Fun Fact – apparently the people living in the flats along the street were paid a hundred euros per window to keep them closed during filming.

Enjoy the show tonight everyone and I’ll be writing a few more blogs about my time in Montenegro and Croatia so check back for more x